ANDREW LINCOLN NELSON: Graphite Drawings: Surreal, Post-human, Exobiological and Mechanistic

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Plantimal 2,
          Surreal evolution  Graphite Drawing: Robot 30: Plantimal 2, 2014  Graphite Drawing: Phytoborg 2, 2015  Graphite Drawing: Robot 29, 2014  Graphite Drawing: Robot 27 2014  Graphite Drawing: Robot 27 2014  Graphite Drawing: Robot 25  Graphite
          Drawing: Robot 23, 2012  phytoborg  Graphite
          Drawing: Robot 21  Graphite
          Drawing: Robot 20  Graphite
          Drawing: Robot 19  Graphite
          Drawing: Robot 18  Graphite fine art drawing  surreal evolution  Early Living
          Machine Drawing  Robot
          Child  Robot 4

The Living Machines series includes detailed graphite drawings of machine-like creatures in futuristic or post-human landscapes (exobiology xenobiology and astrobiology).  Each drawing in the series explores the bounds of possible life, what makes us alive, and which aspects of humanity might be shared with non-human living intelligences.  Elements of the works also challenge categorization concepts by blending machine, plant and animal aspects and some drawings lean toward surrealism (Surreal Evolution).  The machine-creatures in the drawings have perhaps moved beyond their biological origins and creators and exist as artificial, self-perpetuating evolving life forms.  The drawings give the viewer a glimpse of what it might feel like to look upon a self-motivated evolving machine.  These creatures are called variously Plantimals, Phytoborgs, Self-replicating Machines, von Neumann Machines, Robots and Zooborgs.

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