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I am an autonomous systems control research engineer specializing in intelligent robot control and machine learning related to robotics.  One of my primary research interests is in Evolutionary Robotics.   My recent work has focused on the study of evolving systems -both natural and artificial- with an emphasis on primordial environments and transitions from lifeless beginnings to living evolving agents (see my recent published review of the field of evolutionary robotics (Fitness functions in evolutionary robotics: A survey and analysis) co-authored with Drs. Barlow, and Doitsidis.  I received my Ph.D. in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University (NCSU) in 2003.  During my studies I conducted research applying artificial evolution to create control systems for small mobile robots at the Center for Robotics and Autonomous Machines (CRIM).  Currently I am working with a cross-disciplinary research and consulting organization (Androtics, LLC). The main focus of this organization is on applying new technologies from the areas of chemistry, robotics, and computer science toward green manufacturing, environmental remediation and autonomous sustainable systems. My work focuses on robotics, intelligent autonomous systems, and applications of soft computing methods. (see research interests).

I also pursue a parallel career as an artist (see link to artwork) and explore ideas related to fully autonomous living machines through drawing (see Robot Child).  I perform freelance graphic design work, photography, and commissioned artwork (see Contact information for inquiries)

 Robot 21 2011

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