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General Autonomous and Evolutionary Robotics Pages


This page contains links to the web pages of many researchers working in the areas of evolutionary robotics, learning in autonomous robots, and swarm robotics.  To suggest additional researchers or web pages please contact the site administrator at This list  was compiled by A Nelson at alnelson @ ieee dot org  (This version extends the list from fairly comprehensive list from 2010).  The page will be updated more fully in 2017.


Researcher Web Pages:

Evolutionary Robotics, Autonomous Robotics and Swarm Robotics


Akella,  S:  Swarm robotics

Adami, C: ALife
Asada, M: Robot learning

Balch, Tucker: Swarm robotics

Baldassarre, G: Evolutionary robotics

Baluja, S: Machine learning, Computer Vision & High Dimensional Optimization

Bakker, B: Robot learning

Banzhaf, W: Some evolutionary robotics

Barfoot, Tim: Evolutionary robotics, simulation-only

Barlow, G: Evolutionary robotics, genetic programming

Bräunl, T:

Bredeche, N: Evolutionary robotics,  
Bugajska, M: Evolutionary robotics, micro-UAV

Beer, R: GAs, adaptive behavior, recurrent ANNs for behavior, early evolutionary robotics researcher.

Behnke, S: Robot learning, RoboCup.

Bekey, G.  Bio-inspired robot control, neural nets

Birk, A: Robot learning, RoboCup

Bonarini, A: Evolutionary robotics

Bongard, J: Evolutionary robotics

Buason, G: Evolutionary robotics

Bucci, A: Evolutionary computation

Cliff, D: Evolutionary robotics

Clune, J Evolutionary robotics
Colombetti, M:  Evolutionary robotics

Connell, J: Early evolutionary robotics

Costa, E:  Evolutionary robotics
Czarnecki, Chris: (broken)

Dahl, T: Behavioral robotics

Deb, K: Evolutionary computation

Doncieux, S:   Evolutionary robotics,
Dorigo, M:, Evolutionary robotics, machine learning

Doya, K: Evolutionary robotics, Cyber Rodent,

Ebner, M: Evolutionary robotics, evolutionary computation

Eiben, A E: Evolutionary robotics, evolutionary computation
Eggenberger, P: - faculty, Evolutionary robotics

Elman, J: Linguistics, neural networks

Fagg, A.H :  Robot learning

Ferraresso, M: RoboCup

Ficici, S:  Evolutionary robotics

Floreano, D:   Evolutionary robotics

Fogel:  Evolutionary computation, neural networks

Fukuda, T: All kinds of autonomous robotics

Funes, Pablo: Evolutionary computation, machine learning

Gallagher, John: Evolutionary computation

Gambardella, L: Swarm robotics

Gini, M:  Robot learning

Gomez, F: Evolutionary robotics

Gomez, G: Robotics

Gomi, T. {no web page found}

Grant, E: Evolutionary robotics, EvBot

Griffith, Ann: {no web page found}

Grupen, R:  Robot learning and vision

Hafner, Verena: Biorobotics, developmental robotics

Hagras, H:  Robot learning, fuzzy controllers

Haasdijk, E:  Evolutionary robotics

Hamann, H: Evolutionary robotics
Harvey, I: Evolutionary robotics

Ho, H: Robot learning, evolutionary robotics

Hoffmann, F: {no web page found}

Hornby, Gregory: papers at Evolutionary robotics

Hougan, D:  Robot learning

Hotz, P.E: Neural networks, evolutionary robotics

Huntsberger, T: Mars robots

Husbands, P: Evolutionary robotics

Iba, H: Evolutionary computation, evolutionary robotics

Isasi, P:

Ito, Keith:  {no web page found}

Jakobi, Nick: {no web page found}

Jeong, I.K: {no web page found}

Kaelbling, L. P: Machine learning, robot architectures

Kaplan, F: Robot learning

Koenig, S: Machine learning, robot learning

Kodjabachian, Jérôme: {no web page found}

Kortmann, R: Evolutionary robotics

Koza, J: Genetic programming

Kumar, V:  Swarm robotics

Kube, R: Swarm robotics

Lara, Bruno: {no web page found}

Lee, W. Evolutionary robotics

Lehman, J: Evolutionary robotics, Artificial Life
Lewis, M.A:, Early evolutionary robotics

Lipson, Hod: Evolutionary robotics

Luke, S: Machine learning

Lund, H:  Evolutionary robotics 

Maeno, Takashi: 2-3 Evolutionary robotics, simulated

Marocco, D: Evolutionary robotics

Mahadevan, Sridhar: Evolutionary robotics,simulated

Matellan, V: Early evolutionary robotics

Mataric, M: Autonomous robotics, early evolutionary robotics

Meeden, Lisa: Autonomous robotics, early evolutionary robotics

Merke, : Evolutionary robotics, RoboCup

Meyer, J:  Autonomous robotics, early evolutionary robotics

Michel, O: Evolutionary robotics

Miglino, O: Evolutionary robotics

Miikkulainen, R:      Pubs: Evolutionary robotics

Montanier, J-M:  Evolutionary robotics
Morimoto, J: Autonomous robotics

Montana, David: Swarm robotics, evolutionary robotics

Moriarty, D: Evolutionary robotics
Mouret, J-B:
Evolutionary robotics

Nakamura, : 

Nehmzow, U: Evolutionary robotics

Nelson, Andrew: Evolutionary robotics, EvBots

Nolfi, Stefano:  Evolutionary robotics

Nordin, P: Evolutionary robotics

Nourbakhsh, Illah R: Swarm robotics

Olsson, B: Evolutionary computation

Ofria C,  ALife
Ostergaard, E.H: Swarm robotics

Parker, C: Swarm robotics

Parker, G.B: Evolutionary robotics

Parker, L. Swarm robotics

Pasemann, F: {no web page found}

Passino, K.M:  Swarm robotics, biomimetic robotics

Perez-Uribe, A.: Evolutionary robotics

Peters, R.A, Robot learning

Pettersson, Jimmy: Behavioral robotics

Petrovic, P.: Evolutionary robotics

Pfeifer, R: Biomimetic robotics

Pollack ,J.B: papers at Evolutionary robotics

Potter, Mitchell A. Evolutionary robotics, simulated

Pratihar, Evolutionary robotics, simulated

Quinn, Matt:  Evolutionary robotics

Ramos, V: Swarm robotics

Ray, T:  ALife
Russell, R,A:  robot learning.  A-life

Ruppin, E.: Neural networks

Reyolds, C. Swarm simulation and modeling

Sanderson, A.C: Automomous robotics

Savage, J:  {no web page found} Evolutionary robotics

Schmidhuber, J: Robot learning

Schultz, A: Swarm robotics, robot learning, some evolutionary robotics

Sen, S. machine learning, GAs, AL

Schoenauer, Marc:
Simos, E.D.V: Evolutionary robotics

Sims, K: Artificial life

Smith, T: Evolutionary robotics

Southey, F: Machine learning

Spears, W:  Swarm robotics

Spector, L:  Genetic programming

Speranzon, A: Swarm robotics

Spier, E: Artificial life

Stanley, K:  Evolutionary robotics, ALife, Evolution,
Sussner, P: Machine learning

Taylor, Tim: Swarm robotics, evolutionary robotics

Teo, J: Swarm robotics, simulated evolutionary robotics

Tews, A., Some evolutionary robotics

Thomas, J: Swarm robotics

Thompson, A: Evolvable hardware, evolutionary robotics

Touzet, C:  Robot learning
Tuci E:  Evolutionary robotics   

Urzelai, J: Evolutionary robotics

Vadakkepat, P: Swarm robotics

Veloso, M: Pubs at Autonomous robotics

Vogt, P: Robot learning

Wahde, Mattias: Evolutionary robotics

Walker, J: Evolutionary robotics

Watson, R: Natural and artificial evolution

Weel, B:
Wiering, M: Robot learning, RoboCub 

Winfield, A:\a-winfield Evolutionary robotics, evolution, complexity
Wolff, K: Evolutionary robotics, walking robots

Wyeth, G: RoboCup

Yamada: Evolutionary robotics, Japanese version only
Yaeger, L  Artificial Life, Polyworld

Zell, A: Autonomous robotics, evolutionary computing

Zhang, H: Autonomous robotics

Ziemke, Tom: Evolutionary robotics

Zufferey, Jean-Christophe: Evolutionary robotics, simulated, flying robots.



General Autonomous and Evolutionary Robotics Web Pages


Adaptronics Group:, Lund, evolutionary robots, Edutainment 

AI Lectures lectures with slides

AnimatLab, France:

Ant Swam:

Applied AI Systems (Khepera)


Artificial Intelligence Lab (ifi): 

Artificial Life at Edinburgh

Boids: Swarm site



CCNR, cogs, Sussex:  

CORO, Caltech:

DEMO at Brandeis:

DoCIS: Giant list of EC and GP related conferences:

ECAgents project site:

Eguana Robotics (lots of good books)

EVAL: Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Life & Robotics

Evolutionary Systems Group:

Evorobot Site:


Genetic Programming inc.:

G.R.A.L (Auton Robots and Artificial Life)

Golem: ER stuff, evolving bodies.




Mobile Robots Group (University of Edinburgh) 

Perceptual Robotics Lab, UMass:

Robot links:

Robotics site of sites

Robotics, Indiana University

Robotics Institute, CMU:  

Swarm-bots project web site:

Swarm Robots from Nanomedicine:

Swarm Robotics dot Org:


Swarm software application: 

USC Computational Learning and Motor Control Lab

USC Robotics Research Lab






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