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              42, Surreal Trees, 2018


Robot 38, Osteo Borg 1, 2017

Phytoborg 2, Surreal Evolution Series, 2015


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Award: The drawing "Phyto Ost 3" graphite on bristol board Won First Place in the Fine Arts category in the 2019 Art of Planetary Science show held
at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Science Lab (LPL)


Cover Design:   


Publication: The graphite drawing "Osteoborg 1" was published in Manifest Gallery's International Drawing in Print INDA 13.  The drawing was also featured on the back cover of the publication. 
Cover Image: 


Solo Show: Tucson Main Library
Exhibit  Joel D Valdez Main Library.  12 graphite drawings on display for the month of May 2019.  URL:        


Solo Show: 12 original prints of drawings in the living machines series on display at the Biosphere 2 visitor center cafe.


The graphite drawing "Robot 18" used in the talk "Swarm Engineering Across Scales" by Sabine Hauert given at the Sante Fe Institute.


Publication: The graphite drawing "Phytoborg 3" was featured on the back cover of the June 2018 of Circle Arts SPOTLIGHT Magazine. URL:


Show: Four new graphite drawings included in the international Gallery 25N show "Drawing 2017" URL:  


Publication: The Blue Guitar arts magazine write-up and artwork publication: Four recent works and short bio published. URL:   


Residency: Artist�s residency at the University of Wyoming's NPS Research Station in Teton National Park     


Award: The graphite drawing "Plantimal 2" Won First Place in the Fine Arts category in the 2015
Art of Planetary Science  juried show held at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Science Lab (LPL).

Press: National Arts Program Featured Artist for the week of August 23 - 30, 2015.  Work, including the graphite drawing "Plantimal 2" and "Phytoborg 2" from the "Living Machines" series selected
for display on the NAP main web page for one week under the FEATURED ARTIST heading.


Press: "How digital is ushering in a new visual culture for the sciences" Artwork written up in article by Bianca Pascall published in ARTEFACT Magazine, arts weekly of the University of the Arts London.


Show: Tucson Pima Arts Council (TPAC) Fall Open Studio Tour show


Press: "National Arts Program September SpotlightRobot 25 and other works from the Living Machines Series showcased in the National Arts Program Spotlight newsletter. 


Half-page illustration for Serious Wonder featuring the SW logo printed in the June-July print version of the Futurist Magazine.

Surreal Machines and Evolving Robots

The art on this page combines ideas from self-replicating machines, futuristic non-anthropoid worlds, surrealism, artificial life, speculative science fiction, evolutionary robotics, ruminations on posthuman intelligences and the nature of xenobiology.  All the artwork shown here is done by hand with graphite pencil and eraser on bristol board or heavy paper.  -A. Nelson 

Names Terms Definitions and strange words: 
Phytoborg - A plant-machine hybrid or
sessile organic robot
Osteoborg - A machine creature made or grown partly of bonye material
Zooborg - An organism-machine hybrid capable of locomotion
Sidewayism - As oposted to futureism and antiqurianism, sidewayism is an ideology focused on aternative presents, futures and un-reachable parts of our universe
Anthozoaborg - Another borg: A machine/robot corel or polup hybrid.

If you send me a note via snail mail I will send you a free print of any of the drawings on this site.
Andrew Nelson
P.O. Box 44065
Tucson AZ 85733

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